Friday, December 28, 2012

so happy!

I thought today was going to be a horrible day but it turned out to be prettyyyy awesome. When I woke up I felt incredibly horrible. Headache and such. Then I go check my mail on my phone.. *17 new messages*  ( i love mail) and all of them happen to be from  of people adding me as friend. *scrolls down*  I see that I got Editor's pick of the day. :DDD so happy guys.  Then i checked my rank on ( gyaru blogs ) and I'm in #2 place. sooo sooo happy.  Then I went to work. JEEZES it was so busy. from the time it open till be closed. 9am-7pm but we closed at 9pm since people kept coming in. I got lots of tips $$ <3 but we went out and ate Pho. So it was okay. I checked my mail again.. *40+ messages*  checked my rank. I'm number one. D: I died.

 Also my brushes came in! the quality is so good for how cheap it was. *___*
 Oh oh! also I got lip stain. FINALLY. I always wanted to try this. 
 after.... it tastes so bitter.....and it's like putting marker on my lips. O___O

thats alll.. good night gals. 


  1. aww congrats dear ^^
    I know your blog from bloggers.. vote for you and I'm new follower here :)

    please visit my blog if you don't mind ^^

  2. Uhw, thank you for ur sweet comment darling ♥
    Hope u had a great christmas.
    & ur Blog is rly cute! U draw too? Thats amazin! ♥ Me too, but I like to draw more traditional..
    see u

    Kisses & Hugs

    1. i did have a great christmas! i do mostly traditional too... but i am practicing digital