Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3-d nailart

I have this problem where I said I wouldn't buy things but I do it anyways. I also have a midnight online shopping problem... where I buy stuff, if I'm overly excited/happy or really late hours of the night. And this time...I got too excited about nails... 3D nails. like these:

aren't these so cute?

so I bought stuff to get started on these kinda nail art!

First off, the brushes. I bought all five sizes. and these are different then the regular brush. It's much much smaller ( for details and such )

and of course you'll need Colored Acrylic powder  and yup bought all 24. I'm probably going to use a lot of white and pink and pastels.

and lastly a fine detail brush for painting on things such as lace,animals,words..etc.. I bought 12 of these.

I can't wait to get these in the mail... Jan 8- 28 .. they said :D oh I might make sets and sell some if any of you girls are interested ^__^


  1. I would totally be interested if you make 3D nails! I already love your regular nail art so much~ The only problem is fake nails never want to stay on my hands and I don't want to use heavy-duty acrylic glue. ;A; What do??

    1. i'm so happy that your interested!! and you can use double sided nail tape!

  2. Oooo so cool! Wish I had money to buy stuff at night nowadays >_<