Sunday, August 26, 2012


I have concluded that .. working at a nail shop has made me angry and bitter. The area that i work in is not the best area or have the nicest people... Most of them are so rude and overly the top picky.. Sometimes they don't even pay! And sometimes they expect you to do EVERYTHING for them for free. and not give any respect or tip. I just wanna punch them in the face or pour nail polish into their mouths ! D:<

                                         and this is one of my nice customer's nails

Saturday, August 18, 2012


This is probably will be the only time I post about this stuff. But! I need to rant and stuff... So here I gooooo..

This that I hate:

1. When people ( especially girls) that are younger then me and they call me " Hun.. Sweetie.. Sweetheart .. Etc" NO JUST NO. it pisses me off ... The only time you can call me that is if you're like an old lady or my boyfriend -____

2. People that talk crap about me , when they know NOTHING about me. And ive done nothing to you? Keep your mouth shut and gtfo. It's my life , you mad that I'm better and you feel the need to do this? .

3. Girls that are hypocrites. Gurrrrlll don't call me names if it reflects yourself as well. Look at yourself first before you judge someone else. Speaking of girls like this....
She called me a slut... OH REALLY NOW... I'm not the one with photos of myself with my boobs hanging out and self declaring myself to be "sexy" . Lol

But overall I think people should stop prejudging each other . You gotta read the book first ! Before you judge. Jesus Christ! People need to learn this. Seriously.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

im going to college

After the years in the awful school. Im going to college! ( to an all girls school) ... today i went to Orientation , got my id, schedule  and stuff. Andd... we had to do a speech .. while they record me on video. -____-  two things i can't do... if you'd notice if you watch my videos... i studder ( is that how you spell it?)  and... lose my words..ayy... not good... anyways.. they gave us... 15mins to prepare... not even enough time. D: oh.. if you're my Major is Nursing and my minor is Arts.. yeah... i know whatcha thinking...  why isn't art my major.. BECAUSE. thats why. :,( my parents aren't very supportive in that. EVEN THOUGH ITS MY DREAM. to be an illustrator.. or graphic artist . oh well..  art minors.. do same stuff as majors.. just not as much...booo.

oh... i use dots ..a lot 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New phone and case

like a month or two ago i dropped my phone... no cool... i was going to get it fixed but my dad.. said hey ! lets just get you a new phone for your graduation present ... .. so he got me an iphone ;D I LOVE YOU DAD.  .. i have it like for ... 2 weeks now.. and i already have... 6 cases.. D:   and i just bought a plain one today so i can decorate!!!!

the chain thingy dangles :D

the phone on the right is my old phone..
the cracked screen .. 

now for some art stuff:
this is my pastel animals... a llama and a giraffe

 and... this is my work in progress. digital painting... the first ive EVER done realistically .. i usually don't say this about y stuff but.... im proud ..:,)

lastly.. a new picture... of .. me :P

Saturday, August 4, 2012

new logo thingy

i made a new logo thingy for my videos.... :D  since i have new colored hair.. it would match more.!

                                                                            old cover
                                                                     -New cover-

Last months Nails + Customers nails..

.... i know i should update more often so that i dont have to make HUGE posts... D: like this.. so first i'll post all the nail photos of people nails i did lat month... not all... just the ones that i enjoy doing... and then my nails at the end...


annnnndd then my nails ! 
i like them but....don't they look a bit christmas-y ?
my bluue toes .. i actually like this color. usually its only pink or french tip...

this is my nails right now... its simple and cute :D 

-- the end --
that is all