Friday, December 28, 2012

so happy!

I thought today was going to be a horrible day but it turned out to be prettyyyy awesome. When I woke up I felt incredibly horrible. Headache and such. Then I go check my mail on my phone.. *17 new messages*  ( i love mail) and all of them happen to be from  of people adding me as friend. *scrolls down*  I see that I got Editor's pick of the day. :DDD so happy guys.  Then i checked my rank on ( gyaru blogs ) and I'm in #2 place. sooo sooo happy.  Then I went to work. JEEZES it was so busy. from the time it open till be closed. 9am-7pm but we closed at 9pm since people kept coming in. I got lots of tips $$ <3 but we went out and ate Pho. So it was okay. I checked my mail again.. *40+ messages*  checked my rank. I'm number one. D: I died.

 Also my brushes came in! the quality is so good for how cheap it was. *___*
 Oh oh! also I got lip stain. FINALLY. I always wanted to try this. 
 after.... it tastes so bitter.....and it's like putting marker on my lips. O___O

thats alll.. good night gals. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sailor Moon

I felt like drawing sailor moon. Bleh. I'm getting sick again.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My color powder set came in the mail today! I didn't expect it to arrive so soon. :3 It's a bit smaller than I expected. It's the size of a bottle cap.. prettyyy small. but I guess it's okay since I'm just starting out.. The colors though were like the pictures. very vivid. I just now am waiting for my brushes so I can start making stuff ^^ OH! Merry (late) Christmas. and Boxing Day  andd It's Dylan and mine's 18 month today :D other then that I'll be posting my Christmas stuff some time this week.

As I went Christmas shopping.... I saw some things that I thought was cute and...I bought.. I'm pretty much broke now because of my impulse buys.
Bear hat. I like bears now. like the cute ones. This will be my second bear hat. Also I am getting fond of pearls. They look so lady like. Do you think so?

and then a heart necklace. It's so tiny! I love tiny jewelry. 

^___^ I'm happy. Goodnight Gals

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rose Princess Nailset

I made my first nailset today ^__^ and these will be available to buy if your interested. These are short square gel/glitter nails, meaning the glitter is inside the nails. With hand-painted roses and lace. It also has a handmade bow on it. I put a UV gel seal on it so the shine will last forever and the rhinestones won't fall out! and I made 12 of them instead of ten so it'll fit better,,
-$20, paypal only, U.S only. ( as for now) and shipping will be calculated later on.

*color may vary from real life*

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3-d nailart

I have this problem where I said I wouldn't buy things but I do it anyways. I also have a midnight online shopping problem... where I buy stuff, if I'm overly excited/happy or really late hours of the night. And this time...I got too excited about nails... 3D nails. like these:

aren't these so cute?

so I bought stuff to get started on these kinda nail art!

First off, the brushes. I bought all five sizes. and these are different then the regular brush. It's much much smaller ( for details and such )

and of course you'll need Colored Acrylic powder  and yup bought all 24. I'm probably going to use a lot of white and pink and pastels.

and lastly a fine detail brush for painting on things such as lace,animals,words..etc.. I bought 12 of these.

I can't wait to get these in the mail... Jan 8- 28 .. they said :D oh I might make sets and sell some if any of you girls are interested ^__^

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I got the blues.

It's another boring Sunday and what else to do than take pictures :D and since i just got a new palette, why not try it. Oh my father is going to Vietnam on Monday for 3 weeks. So that means It'll only be me and my mom at the nail shop. D: and it's the holiday season so it'll be really busy. Even though i'll probably be busy, i hope to spend sometime with Dylan and go to friends house. (my mom lets me go places unlike my dad) and hopefully I don't get depressed. It happens every year around this time... I hate it. I have to be happy.
*camhoeing time*
 my hair, it grows :3 i cut the ends off a bit and its getting healthier


wonder why i don't rotate my pictures? looks bad. D:

_god i love moving pics.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Poker Nails

I went shopping again.... and I lost 20 dollars. -_____- this would've never happened if it was online. D,: CURSE YOU LIFE.  but anyways... I got a new eyeshadow Palette.and some other stuff for people..

and here's my nails for the week. Sorry guys if you don't like seeing my toes. I rarely take pictures.. but here's one... it doesn't match my nails at all.. oh well...

poookker nails. oh it said lucky... not licky XD  ... these were so hard to draw -___- looks easy but nope.

Goodnight gals!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Black Lace.

Sup guys...I was going to post a really long nailart post but.... yeah.. got lazy.. i'll post it tomorrow. so here's a drawing I finished yesterday.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


so... I went Christmas shopping and... I found this... It's pink and has bows... how can I not resist... There was a pink puff ball one too with a bow... but ehh I'll get it next time. Anyways...I've been searching for a dust plug online and there is none that's cute and if it was.. it was 15$+  and nope  not paying that much for a little thing. But I found it at Clarie's! for 5$ :3  besides that all my shopping is done online. (i don't like how the sales person always ask me stuff and looks at me >__< ) and ONLY if i can't find something will i go to stores... in real life...  i'm a shut in loner... D,:

  and here's a chibi picture i drew but never posted.. i think my digital paint skills are improving

Goodnight ~~

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Digital paint...

sorry question post today because I was doing this..... for 3 hours straight.. I have a hand cramp now... it's my bff, Chuy.  and She takes amazing pictures of her self.. O__O  I drew her....on openCanvas... the free version because I'm so awesome that i don't need the full version....hahah. nahh just kidding poor. lol


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BOWS and more bows.

I'm broke. So this is my wish list for when I get money.... Mostly the main reason I don't have money is because of school D,:  Soo good for me but so expensive. Even with the loans, financial aids,and scholarship... :,(  and at work.. people are so cheap they barely give tip or none at all... and i feel crappy when i ask my parents for money. They have done so much for me already... I guess... I can get another job... but they won't let me. Plus I am a full time student..I have no time..  (btw. me doing nails is  not really a job.. i do it to help ma parents... so i don't get paid... just tips... )  

can not resist! it's bows !

its the hat ^^

In white or pink of course 

Cat top! i've been wanting this forever and finally i found a place that sells it!

 *i love Alpacas...*

 thats all... for now. have a nice day :)


Sunday, December 2, 2012

purple pastel

my nails for the week. i have a panda nail tutorial coming up!

and here's one from months ago that i probably never posted... maybe...I don't remember....

:D bye guyss
look how chapped my lips are O__O  looks like i have fangs,,, lol