Monday, March 18, 2013

Bloody mess ( pic heavy )

Hey guys! it seems like a while since I blogged about something decent.. SO it's going to be picture heavy since I haven't been blogged.
 So it's another boring Sunday, and I wanted to do something that I've been meaning to do.. BLOOD.  I love blood...O____O I don't know if it's weird or not.. but it's fascinating.  here are the results.

Before the blood:
and don't worry .. it's fake blood XD

 I look different in all my photos. People don't recognize me when they add my facebook.  Like " I can't find you" . and when I tell them.. that..that is me. they typically say " OMG is that you?!" and the one that made me blush was " is your profile picture of a famous person?" >____<  hehehehe.  It's because I NEVER go to school with makeup. too lazy.. and I can care less what people think about me. especially since i go to a all girls school.  Even in high school... it was rare for me to dress up or wear makeup... like... prom... thats it XD  and a few times..  school picture.. ummm... yeah. Moving on, The camera didn't like my face.. much... 

here was my makeup :D and I finally found my bottom lashes. Makeup looks so much cleaner now.

After The Blood:
this is probably my favorite picture of all time by me . :,)

you guys don't know how much fun I had with this....

and it's been awhile since i posted nails... SO here ya go:
my new phone case matches it. ^____^

Ummmm here are some Gifs ... i like gifs a lot...

no makeup Sagi ^^

Good Night ~~ ♥

Monday, March 11, 2013

Thank you~

First off, thank you for supporting me through all of the things that have happen :,)  You guys are the best <3  and So I'll try my hardest to be happy. And make my blog worth while for you guys :)  It's been rough but I have to stay positive or else it will just bring me down more.  I know everyone has gone through something difficult in their lives and it's very nice to hear that you've made it and I HAVE to believe that I will too.  I don't know how long this will take but I have to believe that one day I can say that I am happy with the way i am, I cannot change for others, and that I am finally happy without worry. Someday I'll say that but for now, I will just have to  (wo) Man it up and deal with it  :P

ONWARD to something positive; I not that broke anymore ( but still very broke) just a little less.
And can someone please teach me how to buy from ? theres so many things that are so pretty, that I can't find anywhere X____X

This wig <3 it just needs a bow [LINK]

I have a thing for poofy dresses [LINK]
Ank Rouge cellphone dust plug , i also like charms.. and of course M for moon (future) last name  XD

Since I'm in college now... all i wear are hoodies and sweaters. so it never hurts to have one more :D
THIS IS TOO CUTE <3  i would get the middle one <33
..... you all know i love cats...  [LINK]

thats all for now >__<  i have to go do homework nowwww
Bye loves <3

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I want to be happy too.. Why can't I be happy? Why can't people see that I'm doing my best ? Why can't you just make be feel better? Why can't I be happy. All I want is to be happy.

Oh happy birthday to me. It was the 6th. One person remembered. I guess I'm not important enough to be remembered. Fuck my life. Fuck everything. I'm gone. What's the point if I give it my all to make everyone happy but get shit in return. All I want for people to do for me is to make me happy.. Is that so hard to give? I'm just destined to be alone, live alone and die alone. Time to listen to metal and cry my pain away. Good fucking night. Thanks for listening I'm done now.