Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My color powder set came in the mail today! I didn't expect it to arrive so soon. :3 It's a bit smaller than I expected. It's the size of a bottle cap.. prettyyy small. but I guess it's okay since I'm just starting out.. The colors though were like the pictures. very vivid. I just now am waiting for my brushes so I can start making stuff ^^ OH! Merry (late) Christmas. and Boxing Day  andd It's Dylan and mine's 18 month today :D other then that I'll be posting my Christmas stuff some time this week.

As I went Christmas shopping.... I saw some things that I thought was cute and...I bought.. I'm pretty much broke now because of my impulse buys.
Bear hat. I like bears now. like the cute ones. This will be my second bear hat. Also I am getting fond of pearls. They look so lady like. Do you think so?

and then a heart necklace. It's so tiny! I love tiny jewelry. 

^___^ I'm happy. Goodnight Gals

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