Friday, November 30, 2012

Question post #1

Hey guys! sorry for posting so late on Friday! I had lots of work at the salon today. SO busy.. and the people today were ghetto-er than usual. -_____- its irritates me so much!!!!! its frustrating and all i want to do was punch them in the vagina or uterus so they couldn't reproduce.  .... too much? NEVER.  anyways.. i started this question thing on .. Wednesday and didn't except lots of reply.... but i did...  and wasn't able to do all with school and work... so here are the first few.. that i did and i will get to your question as soon as possible!!! :)

if it's too small to read the question click on the picture!

that's all for now! untill next week!!  you can still ask questions!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ask me a question...

ask me a question any question and i will answer it in a form of a drawing!  Drawings will be posted every Friday!  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cutest Tumblr ever.

I'm a sailor moon fan. ( if you can't tell)  and once dylan marries me ( hopefully )  and once that happens my name will change from Usagi Oshiro to Usagi Tsuki   :D or in English.... Rabbit moon... or Moon Rabbit...  THAT IS MY PLAN.  >:3   and yup... his last name is Moon.   MWAHAHAHAHAHA. I told him that i like him because of his last name... he told me she likes me because I'm asian .. D:  Oh sailor moons name is
Usagi Tsukino
anyways... i found a cute tumblr....
its sailor moon chibi stuff :3


and here's mine...  its has nothing right now... :(

that is all... very random post.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Too far?

Yesterday i found a site called Gyaru Secrets . It's is a site that is suppose to "critique" other gyarus on their looks and to help them improve. Oh it sounds so nice and i thought it was a cool idea. But then i started browsing through and it just got plain mean. It wasn't even helpful. I thought gyarus were suppose to be nice and have manners.. ( even if they're suppose to be "wild" ) but nope... these girls ..mostly Gaijin Gyraus ( non japanese gyarus) are just bitches to another.... sorry.. i tried to find a friendlier word to describe them but i couldn't .. =_____= 

sure there are pretty bad looking gyarus out there but there is no need to be so cruel to them. I've have heard that girls have closed their blogs because of what the other gals say about them..

here some pictures from the site:

and these are not even the worst. there's one that call girls fat, stupid, sluts, whores..etc

Why does it seem that girls cause so much drama. ( when not needed) Why can't you just live your life without these drama. This is why i only have ONE girl friend. The girls that submit these stuff should be ashame of themselves for hurting so many people. and if they really think that they are helping.....then there is something not clicking in their heads. =____=''  grr... girls .. so much drama...and its so much worse on the internet.  
 drammmaaa lllama

Sunday, November 25, 2012

dying hair. (again) / promises to my hair

One day, while i was looking at gyaru magazines, i decided to dye my hair a bit lighter. Since winter is coming up my hair looks really.... ehhh emmm gross. Especially since my roots are growing out :O ... i can't stand how it looks when it grows out. So i went out and bought ... a hair dye called " extra bleach blonde" and holy crap.... IT WORKED. i only left the dye in my hair for only 5 min.... and i could already see it being lighter.... and leaving it in any longer would make my hair actually bleach blonde...

this is what i used.... very good... very.. it didn't damaged my hair.... ( probably because i only left on for 5mins) and it made my hair better... O__O 

before dying.... 
my dirty hair.... dirty dirty hair. and sorry for the purple thingy. my face looked derpish 

much better.. lighter.. cleaned and no flat hair... yay... and i still can't believe how much lighter it got from 5 mins. 
with a different lights.... its much lighter... 

Promises to my hair

my hair has gone through a lot of stuff... from natural black... to red.. brown.. half blonde to now... light brown. .. Japanese permanent hair straightening... to a bunch of oil treatments... so i've decided... to "make promises " to my hair so it can get better..

1. I will not dye you anymore.. and only will dye again when you are better
2. I will not cut lots of layers in you. and let you grow to be one layer again. and only have lots of layers when you are healthy
3. i will trim your ends every so often
4. I will brush you every morning and night 

that is all for now... get better hair <3

oh also i made a tumblr

Monday, November 19, 2012

Inspiration post

I wish i can look like this everyday D; but its so much work. But here are some of my favorite models!  Gyaru models!
Rina Sakurai

Sayoko Ozaki
she is incredibly beautiful. I want to be her. 

Tsubasa Masuwaka

Wei Son

And here's a picture of me.. trying to be.. like them. fail fail fail.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How fake are you ? [tag]

Lets try this

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery?
- no , I haven't. and probably never will. I have way more cooler things i can spend my money on. Like clothing...

Do you use fake lashes?
- If I didn't wear my glasses, i would wear them. but i wear glasses, so no. they get in the way. since i like big lashes.

Do you wear a weave or extensions?
- Nope i don't. but wearing wigs is fun.

Do you use make-up every day?
- No, Im too lazy and don't have time in the morning. I only wear makeup if I'm out or taking pictures .. Ehh Also ..I feel "dirty and heavy" sometimes after the day is done. All the stuff i put on.

Would you consider cosmetic surgery?
- Yes, my nose and boobs. I hate my nose bridge so much. It has a bump on it and it annoys me so much >__< . And yes, my boobs.. Im an A-cup (not even) and it's hard to wear clothing.. because i can't fill it. :(  i don't even want big boobs... like a B cup is good for me .. But no I'll never do surgery. Im really paranoid that i'll get sick from it or die and feel all around fake.

Could you live without make-up?
- ehhhhh... probably but i wouldn't feel as good about myself.  So yes i could live without it. 

Do you wear fake nails?
- yea, i do. but they're not "fake" . 90% of my nails are real. but i put a very thin layer of acrylic on them so they don't bend. >___< i hate that feeling of bent nails ...

Do you dye your hair?
- yes, Very 2 months. I like light colored hair. I'm thinking of dying it lighter.

Do you use a sunbed?

Do you use selftanners?
- NO NO pale is good.

Do you have tattoos?
-nope. that's ok. i like my body ... clean. i don't like marks because im scared i'll not like it someday.. BUT tattoos are really pretty if done right.

overall... i don't think i'm fake... im "normal" in the middle. like most people.... :3

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Geo Super Angel brown Review

Hey guys! I've been meaning to post this, but i got lazy. like always. But these are my favorite lenses to wear. They're "natural" looking, enlarge your eyes a lot and you can wear with all kinds of makeup. When I go out  , these are the pair I always wear. I don't really like going out with colored lenses... It's too daring for me :P.

And once again, I bought these from Uniqso. They are so friendly and replied asap.Like Super fast. Also the deliver was smooth going and had no problems..  like one time another site got my order wrong =___= and had replied to email so slow. now on to the lenses.

Geo Super Angel Brown
Brand: Geo Medical
Diameter: 14.80mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.60
Replacement Period: One Year
Orgin: Korea

i wish i knew my prescription .. so i can wear these without glasses

one thing i like about this is the ring around it. Makes for a good dolly look.
Also i had these in a smaller size. 14.2 or 14.0mm  I don't know but it was a long time ago. and the smaller on seemed to be brighter.. 

It's almost black indoors and with some photos:

I kinda suck at makeup.... but i'm practicing!! and it doesn't help when your eyes are so hard to put makeup on :,( mono lids suck. 

Design: 5/5
Anything with black ring around it is a plus. gives you that dolly feeling
Color: 3.5/5
it looks black sometimes and not as bright as i wanted it too be
Enlargement: 5/5
For me, its the right size. it is noticeably bigger the the geo angel brown just slightly
Comfort: 4/5
Like any other contacts, you have to wear with cautious . so if you wear it for .. 4 hours. it'll be fine but it dries out after a while

And If you enter the code "UUSAGII10" 
you get 10% off your purchase:

Here are some pictures with it on:

(click picture for picture size)

and i got a raccoon sweater! its so comfy and cute. only 15$

and my nails. i went plain this time. The color is DS extravagant by OPI

thats all :3 GoodNight~~

speaking of uniqso , im thinking about getting the hello kitty bb cream <3