Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So I just bought a laptop. For a while I wanted one because I needed it for school and stuff.  SO I got a Sony Vaio 15.5 laptop. I got in white. THERE WAS NO MORE PINK. ;_____;  and since it was the last one. I got 10% off  :O yay!   so it was 730$ then on sale for 684$  then 10%  so I payed 612 for it :DD YAY. This means I'm broke now. like.... no more spending on ANYTHING. not even food.

 Anyways College started again and I'm taking 17 credits. Which is a lot.  but I have to if i want to finish in 4 years. Meaning I have a ton of homework to do. (already) mostly reading not stuff since it really boring. Along with that there are questions I have to answer. So far I like all of my classes EXCEPT communications. ugh it's lots of essays and speeches. and the teacher teaching is not my Favorite. My favorite is my Religion and Cultures teacher. He funny... but I think he's a pedophile O___________O'

With my busy schedule now  I'll post less often but when I do. I'll make it worth reading :P

Upcoming posts:
  • Everyday Gyaru makeup tutorial
  • Nail tutorials 
  • pink circle lens review
  • product review
  • art stuff/videos
And more to come.

But getting to the sad/annoyed part. Since I got a new laptop I might as well play League of Legends . Since my friends and boyfriend has being making me play it. So I download it ,which took.. 8 hours ( slow wifi) And when I start playing it. It crashed and popped up a thingy called "bug splat" Anddddd it's not a virus it just an game error . So my humans told me to redownload the game. And I did but the same thing happen . I am so sad and piss because it takes so long to download ;____; Helppppp!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Below is what my shop will kinda look like.... it's not done yet so... yeah.... just a preview

♥♥♥Welcome to My Shop♥♥♥

$20usd +$3.00usd shipping

testing testing blah blah blah

-more pics here-


$20usd +$3.00usd shipping 

not done yet!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hey gals. Erm I can't speak very well on camera. T___T  so sad. and I'm still sick. Oh at the end I said .. because my old computer is stupid and doesn't like my new camera....   D:  I need more practice...

 watch me fail. lawl

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alice blue Nails

Hey gals! sorry for the boring posts lately. I've been lazy. BUT I promise you that I'll make the next posts interesting ^^ -that includes nail and makeup tutorials. and Art posts, like I said in my previous post. So tonight I'll be showing you my design process of my nails. The design is for a contest on instagram. Oh my username is @hellousagi . I wanted to practice my 3d stuff so I made bows, rabbits and hearts.
*****Note: this is not a tutorial, just a walk through*****

I start with freshly buffed and filed nails. Since my nails grow really fast I cut them down every time I change the color.
Next I paint two nails Nudy Pink and the rest pastel blue
Then I paint the two pink fingers with a blue tip
 Next is painting all the white stuff. I don't mind if it looks messy. the black will make it neat later
See.. the black makes it look nice and neat. the writing says "eat me drink me" it was a pain to write.
now the fun part! the 3d stuff :3
Lastly add the details. like the face of the bunny and rhinestone. Also topCoat to make it shiny 


 thats all :) goodnight~

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Airi's Giveaway

                                               Airi's having a giveaway :O. so why not try !  if you're not following her.. You should. She's so adorable and soooo cute :33 and doll like.  Oh I'll be making a makeup tutorial soon :D ..it's Gyaru related. Also another Art post coming up.

Friday, January 11, 2013


I've changed so much over the years. Not change like personality .just my face. My face slimmed out and looks more taken cared of. XD 

Lets Start in   
 2007-2008. haha. fun times.

2010- (10/11th grade)  This is when I started putting makeup on. Not very good. Also later on discovered Circle lenses.  also my red tipped hair was growing out.

late 2011- early 2012 (12th grade) - getting better.  dyed my hair lighter.

mid2012- * college time! *  lighter hair. learns more makeup/nail stuff. Also gets a camera that takes awesome pictures in May.

end of 2012 -improvement? yes. but lots more can be done.. also dyed hair lighter

2013..I hope I learn lots more. 

anddd currently right now... lol i look pissed/


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inspiration 2

Rock/Rokku Gyaru is probably my favorite type. light hair + Light skin with red/ pale lips = perfection.
I plan on this sort of look sometime... I'm just waiting for stuff to come in 

I love nails like these but with my future field of profession (medical) I would never be able to work/get a job. and I don't want blood under my nails. lol

Blonde and red..perfect combination.

I just LOVE LOVE this picture <3 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I made a new watermark.. But I don't know if I'll use it....

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Resolution

Yeah, I know. I'm late. I got really lazy.... Anyways this is probably the first year I'm making resolutions and I thought a lot about this. Yah know... those nights where you can't sleep and you start thinking a lot. -_____- ugh. Well the past years I was pretty much sad the time... depressed... probably.... and the holidays always seemed like the saddest time for me. and around the time I met Dylan.. ( mid may 2011)  I was a lost child. haha. really though. But once I went out with him I got a lot cheerier.  guess all I need was love.   haha cheesssy, I know. yup. But this year somehow, it's a lot better. :) I got to spend Christmas Eve with Dylan ( I didn't see him for 6 months  ( november2011- April-2012) because of family issues last year ),  I spent lots of time with family and I got to see my Bff :3....... ohhhhh I'll post my christmas post soon..... *laziness*

1. To be Happy
2. Go on a self journey to find myself / my purpose in life
3. To be less lazy
4. Work harder in school

and it seems like I haven't post any nails.. so here ya go. I've been working on my 3D stuff. ^__^
 I bet you miss my face as well.. hahah. just kidding. but no matter how i look at this picture.. it looks like I'm going to cry :O

oh if you're wondering...I'm still sick -______- I have a weak immune system D,: