Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BOWS and more bows.

I'm broke. So this is my wish list for when I get money.... Mostly the main reason I don't have money is because of school D,:  Soo good for me but so expensive. Even with the loans, financial aids,and scholarship... :,(  and at work.. people are so cheap they barely give tip or none at all... and i feel crappy when i ask my parents for money. They have done so much for me already... I guess... I can get another job... but they won't let me. Plus I am a full time student..I have no time..  (btw. me doing nails is  not really a job.. i do it to help ma parents... so i don't get paid... just tips... )  

can not resist! it's bows !

its the hat ^^

In white or pink of course 

Cat top! i've been wanting this forever and finally i found a place that sells it!

 *i love Alpacas...*

 thats all... for now. have a nice day :)



  1. Hello! I started following you because your blog layout and your nails are just too cute! *A* One of my friends purchased an alpaca of mine from Ruru Victoria, they were a really great store. *A*

  2. Love how passionate you are.