Monday, October 29, 2012


random post is random. I FINALLY finished my essays it look me till one am to finish it! HFIUHSFUIHDEGH it feels good to be done!  on the other note, i apologize for not posting anything nail, review and face related post. I've been super busy.. Most of it its because I've having break downs and anxiety =___= . But since I will be having more time this week, I can finally do my Halloween makeup (which probably be late) and some other stuff :3 maybe a Gyaru makeup tutorial..

Picture Time (more like a picture dump) :D


i look different from the first picture ^__^

Dylan called me wife and then when i asked him why he replied with that :D  I'm his soulmate

and these are my dripping blood Halloween. She used to have pointed nails like mine but she soon realized that maintaining them is not that easy.. like i told her 

thats all~~~ i'm going to study now.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fears. and some other stuff..

Everyone has fears and worries. Some have more then others and some are paranoid about everything. So these are my fears....( not in order)

1. Failing
this means in tests (i know), emotions, and life.. i don't know if it's an asian thing but whenever i think about my future and "failing" i tear up. Its probably because i don't want to show the weakness...which is a sign of failure.

2. People dying.
People that are close to me. like my parents... or boyfriend... :/  I want to die before they do ... so I don't have to live without them... D,: im weak.... ahrgvreg

3. Breaking up
I do believe that Dylan and I are souullmates .. XD lol but just the thought of not having him... doesn't feel right.... WHO WOULD WANT TO LOVE ME ANYWAYS?!.  He's just right for me. OH!  Four more days till our 16 months! :D

4. Pregnancy
I am extremely EXTREMELY paranoid on this one. i think that EVERYTHING causes babies... kissing.. hugging...D: touching dylan's face...or hands .... as of right now... i don't need no babies. When I'm married and settled down... ok.. just not now... i'm young, i haven't done anything with my life yet.. mer...

Yeah.. that's what im afraid of.. mainly.. as of now...

On the other side.... I cut my own hair... I have shortish bangs now that makes me look.... 10x asianier
and i got to see Dylan! after four weeks without him. He likes stocking.....

Im also thinking about cosplaying Kagura from Speed Graphers.
                                  I can't wait to watch the anime.. it looks really good!
more info here : Speed_Grapher

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Fall! + Mint nails

I've been posting a lot! i should probably do my homework instead..aha... probably should....mmeh. i don't wanna.  So it's fall... time for colorful leaves, chilly nights or days, hoodies.. and MID-SEMESTER EXAMS. Thank god i'm a freshman and don't have any.. but still i feel pressuredddd...

Things to do :
1. Research paper for Psychology. due oct 29
2. Interview essay for Psychology due oct 29
3. Some essay for Communications due... idk lol probably 26
4. "what you don't know" painting for Art ...due at end of semester
5. "takes a village" and "community" sketch for art .. due at end of semester

Sometimes i just wanna say " F this ! I wanna stay home" but noo... school needs me. Speaking of tests... the boyfriend took his ASVAB test ( military test thingy) and got a 83.. YAY!  he's joining the Air Force. :) my favorite branch..... I"M GUNNA MISS HIM.  when he leaves .. i'll probably blog about it A LOT.. so you all know what's coming. :)'s picture time.

look at the leavessss.... in my backyard.. not from our tree. but from the grumpy old man next door. it looks pretty but cleaning it is not. 

yea. MINT AND PINK. sorry for my dry skin.   as you can see my middle finger is the head and my pinky is the butt. 


also ma bff Sandy came over.. we went on omegle... thats why we look kinda.. sweatish 
lol .. if you don't know what omegle is... i dare you to go on it... ( don't yell at me afterwards though) D:

..and i had to share this :


thats all.. GoodNight~

Monday, October 15, 2012

Favorite (metal) songs of the Month

I know most of you gals or guys ( probably all girls) who look at my blog ..don't like Metal .. yes metal. But i for one LOVE metal. It makes me so happy! ( even though most of the lyrics are about death or something depressing)...I don't know if this is weird or not but when i can't go to sleep... i listen to heavy heavy metal ( Cannibal Corpse, Slayer..etc).. and When I'm sad i like soft metal ( Marilyn Manson or H.I.M ) AND heavy metal.. hehe. but I like metal in all occasion ... I would even play it at my wedding... and YES.. definitely  my funeral. 

                                                           Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie.. ..  I just love everything about this band. and this song with the animation is beautiful! 
also... Rob Zombie ( yes that's his name..and yes he got it legally changed)is a Movie Director. and a very good ones at that.. Movies like House of the 1000 Corpses ..etc.  And he just made a movie called " Lords of Salem" and it's about the Salem witch trials... and i really want to see. probably with the boyfriend.. since he's a die hard RZ fan. ( lucky duck got to see him live in Kansas over a year ago) 

L.o.S trailer
Also i want to name my future babyboy... Salem and since bf's last name is Moon... it'll be Salem Moon :3 

Forever One by Korba and The Lotus

They're a pretty new band from Canada with a FEMALE vocalist. Her voice is so strong, i love it! this song makes me hyper >__< ... i wish i could head bang like these guys.. but unfortunately... i get headaches... really fast . so no to head banging... Also one of my favorite guitarist is their new member .. CHARLIEEEEEE! 

Heart Shaped Glasses By Marilyn Manson

It's an old song but still. i like much. it's soothing.....:)

Kingdom For a Heart - Sonata Arctica
Foreign Bands are sooooo gooood! This sounds like game music

and lastly 

S(aint) - Marilyn Manson


"I'm not an artist, I'm a fucking piece of art"

i'm a cat.. lol

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Buy everything! ( long post)

if i could i would D: but sadly college has made me broke... :,(  and saving is not helping because  in the end it will go towards.. college ugggggggggggggggggghhh . but i want to buy stuff. I also need to stop buying stuff online at 2 in the morning XD .. speaking of buying i bought a lot this month.... contacts, eyelashes,, art crap.. someone throw money at me... i'll do stuff for you! ( nonsexual please) D: aha ..

usually i don't like bright colors... but these ...are too cute.. maybe in pink orrr... BOTH. they're cheap
but now .. i can't find the link for these shoes D,:

yes kitty stocking. <3 

.. animal mousepad!.. i don't even use my mouse anymore...its just for show now... (i use my tablet)
but its so cute!! bunny or bear ..?

hearts i need heart prints 

recently my new favorite combo is mint green and pastel pink. so cute even my nails are these colors( i will post them soon) 

this is so gal-ish <3 and its minty green 

yea... i  like dresses

for now..thats all before.. I have the urge to actually buy them all :3

goodnight ~♥

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Art Trade ~

gosh it's been forever since i did an art trade. this time it's with yorokobinyan . Yay so then i drew her OC ( original character and she drew mine . so here's the pictures :
  Yoro drew my oc. Ebi-chan . Ebi likes to wear all black . LOOK how cute she is!!!!

Now my turn i drew her oc " Koori "  ( the color sucks.. ) i didn't scan it ... i had take a picture... i took a bad picture... sorry Yoro D,:

Be sure to check out her gallery 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

circle lens review : puffy three tone brown

AH! this is my first ever review! I wanted to do this for a while now but never got the chance. So here i go.
I got theses lenses from Uniqso a week ago and I can't believe how fast the shipping was! They were having a sale on Puffy 3 tone brown ( which i really wanted for a LONG time). It was so cheap as well! only $9.90. the sale ended but they're still very cheap. Around $15 . Along with this i also got the Geo Super Angel brown. ( which i'll do a review on later) :3

Lenses Details
Manufacturer: Barbie (Dueba)
Diameter: 16.5mm ( i don't think they're that big- maybe 14.8mm)
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.60
Replacement Period : One Year
Place of origin : Korea 
their packaging is soo cute 

                          I hate this when this happens >__< !   It broke .... had to use a knife to get it open

To me they look more hazel then brown. And it looks REALLY cool. i especially like the inner red-ish ring.
If you're looking for a Dolly or Natural look... this isn't the right lens.. its more of the exotic type. It's still very pretty and I recommend them 100%

Indoors With Flash

Outdoors without flash 

Indoors w/o Flash 
Design: 5/5
I really like design. how its not just one color... and the colors combo
Color: 4/5
I do like Hazel lenses but in certain lights it looks greenish. not that brown
Enlargement: 5/5
Compared to 14.5mm , it's a big difference. but i don't think it's 16.5mm ( like the bottle said)
Comfort: 4/5
For the size, it's very comfortable. At first they itch a bit.. but after that i couldn't even feel them at all. I wore them for 6 hours... ( which is a long .time. not good not good) but still they were good not dry or anything.

Put in the code "UUSAGII10" to get 10% off :)
MORE PICTURES with lenses 

and lastly! my nails for the week. seriously though.. I have no imagination left

Good Night everybody !