Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maybe a new start?

Hey girlies~ It's summer and soon after that it'll be time to go back to school and shortly it'll be a new year. Honestly I am done with 2013. I've had enough of the things that happen this year. The people I've lost and the events that lead to it.  I want to start my life off fresh, New friends, New experiences.  SO HURRY UP AND END ALREADY 2013 >:(

Anyways.. you can say once start this year of school... I'm starting over and finally starting my life

-I'll now be a Nursing student ( i got in the nursing program YATTA !)  and  a sophomore in -college.
- I'm now an Army girlfriend :3   . we found out that Dylan is shipping out September 17 ;___;   and will be in training for 33 weeks.... and he has to stay in the army for 5.5 year.
- He promised to marry me in 3 years max and finally get out of this crap state. he already is practicing asking me to marry him ;A;  i ♥ him so much  . i don't know if i told you guys this but its 2 years :3 last month :,)
- Ive decided to finally open a online blog shop:3 soon heheheheh

right now... im happy :)

SO heres some pictures that i never uploaded... all taken when my face had clear skin

idk what happen to my nose contour ;___: lighting so bad :(

i was trying to be sayoko again... :O

thats all for today~ good night ☻
OH also i made an .. so ask me anythinnnggggggggggg

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pastel Nails and Neon Lips

Hey gals! it feels nice to be blogging again~  Im really behind in my post so I'm starting with somethings i did this weekend...

First.. I did my nails.. Gel nails this time because i'll be working a lot... Pastel Marble with rhinestones on my left hand and just plain glitter on my right hand..

Then i went out side and took pictures of my roses

                          Then the sun was too hot so i went inside and did makeup :D... i wore my black wig :3 

here's my eye Make ^____^

Then i drew stuff....

That is all~   Goodnight Gals :DDDD