Sunday, December 16, 2012

I got the blues.

It's another boring Sunday and what else to do than take pictures :D and since i just got a new palette, why not try it. Oh my father is going to Vietnam on Monday for 3 weeks. So that means It'll only be me and my mom at the nail shop. D: and it's the holiday season so it'll be really busy. Even though i'll probably be busy, i hope to spend sometime with Dylan and go to friends house. (my mom lets me go places unlike my dad) and hopefully I don't get depressed. It happens every year around this time... I hate it. I have to be happy.
*camhoeing time*
 my hair, it grows :3 i cut the ends off a bit and its getting healthier


wonder why i don't rotate my pictures? looks bad. D:

_god i love moving pics.

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  1. you gorgeous girl youuu! lol I hope you can come!!!!