Sunday, September 8, 2013

An angry post

Never been in my life have I hated a person(s) more than these ones.   and it pisses me off to no extent.  Not only did they basically call me a whore but they disrespected my life and the way I am. In my life, I know that I am not "normal"  but it gives a person no right to judge me because of it. they do not know who I am and they never will.  I know I've made mistakes in my past but being the person I am... I will own up to my mistakes and apologize. But for a person to use that against me is just immoral.  These people have said to me that .. "I'm not normal" "I don't have any morals" " i am ruining a family"  and that they HATE me.

and you know why for? because i lied ONCE .... i repeat ONCE  .. so that i can see my boyfriend   that i see only once a month...

this was two years ago... i apologize.. but i guess people don't forgive and forget.  everything is my fault now to them.

you're wondering who these people  are.... well these are  my boyfriend's parents.  and 15 year old sister.  

I can't believe how cruel people can be.  I cry my eyes out day in and day out because of these people.  His dad has told him that he doesn't know what real love is and that he doesn't really love me. His mother blames everything on me. Saying that he has gotten worst since he's with me. His sister post sarcastic threatening status about me on facebook and sending hateful texts to me ... say i should leave him  so he can get his life back. and saying she doesn't see me in the future because her family already hates me.

Am I really that bad of a person?    I am in college to become  a doctor or C.r.N.A   ...  I don't party , I don't drink, I don't smoke,  I am a nice person,  I have a promising future...  I'm not a lazy person that doesn't do anything..  ...

Another part that really annoys me with them is SEX. yes sex.     I am NOT a child and neither is he. We can make our own decisions  of what WE want.  I didn't force him.. he didn't force me.  We BOTH decided that it was right.  BUT when people use and justify their religion on me about sex.. And they way I live my life. I will get mad.   It is MY life. not theirs.. they should stay out of it.   So now I'm seen as some whore because   i have strong feelings for my boyfriend.   STOP BEING NOSY.  its annoying  plus... He is the first person that accepted me for me and... i love him.. and he loves me...     and its bonding time.. lol

and i can't say shit about what they are doing to me...   because it will turn sour ... more than it already is.. like rotten.

overall, He loves me and I love him. He is the one for me.  nothing will stand on our way..

Today was the last day I can see him in person... before he came over.. i got nasty text messages from his sister.....  it ruined my day and i cried almost all of the time he was over.

he leaves to the army in ... 9 days...

heres some pics of days i dont want to remember but i have to because he was there and it made me happy.

my sister's wedding.  I hate my sister with a passion but that's for another time to tell

and....our last picture together....