Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm sorry guys for not posting. A lot of things have been going on in my life. More bad then good. I just feel unmotivated and stressed. I feel that everything I do, it's not good enough. And even if I try, it'll just end up bad. Mostly because of my parents, they never support me, encourage me or thing that told me that I am a good person. It's always I'm doing something wrong, I'm not good enough. Maybe at first it didn't hurt but eventually sinks in and I find myself feeling hopeless. I had to write a paper on motivations in myself. And... I had to make things up because I couldn't find person in my family that had motivated me.  It made me realize that I had put my dreams aside for them. Everything for them. But they don't see that. and if you're wondering why I never post about going's because I'm not allowed to go anywhere without them. I'm going to be 19 years old in less then a month.... in nine days. and a 10 year old has probably gone out more then I have :/ . And people ask me why don't I just leave. ... I can't... It's not that easy. 
And for me making friends is a very difficult thing. I'm shy, I don't talk. I get it.  But I get yelled because of this.   WHY? I don't know.  maybe because I'm not allowed to have friends. I don't know guys. It's been a bad month. It's been a bad life. 
sorry for this sad post. but I needed to rant.


So .... What are some chains that hold you back?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[late] chinese new year

so. I've been gone for a long time from blogging  ( in my mind). but I have an excuse though! umm I was playing video games and being lazy.    I was doing lots of school work! A bunch of essays and stuff ;____; total of 6 essays and one speech. kill me now. please.  ughghuhuhuh.   but anyways.. I am giving myself an one day break from schoolwork! ~

It was Chinese new year and my family always go to this event that I REALLY don't like going to. I'm an anti-social shut-in. ;____; and a hour into the festival thingy.. my stomach started hurting.... so I went home. and what did i do? ... I took pictures, did homework that was all... not a very fun new years.. :/  yup....  

all my bottom lashes went missing ;_____;

the dress was custom made by my aunty ^___^

my hair... it's growing!!...  :,D

I was going to put buns my my hair but it was a fail.
and my eye makeup! no bottom lashes -_____-  could not find them anywhere in my room
as you can see I have not been dying my hair and taking care of it <33

and these would be from my instagram. My user name is Hellousagi . if you want to follow me <3

today's questions is :  
Do you wear false lashes all the time?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm back!

Hey girls ( or guys )  I'm back.  and more stressed than ever!! So much essays. ;_______;  *sniff sniff*   so today I'll just post some pictures that I never got the chance to post before. 

yesh. I cut my bangs ^____^ .. also my ends. but not in these pictures. 

 and this is random but I have a panda sweater now.

no make or circle lenses. :O

and a bow that I made from a long time ago.
so that's all. but I have a question?

Which style do you like better? Cute or Dark?