Tuesday, December 11, 2012


so... I went Christmas shopping and... I found this... It's pink and has bows... how can I not resist... There was a pink puff ball one too with a bow... but ehh I'll get it next time. Anyways...I've been searching for a dust plug online and there is none that's cute and if it was.. it was 15$+  and nope  not paying that much for a little thing. But I found it at Clarie's! for 5$ :3  besides that all my shopping is done online. (i don't like how the sales person always ask me stuff and looks at me >__< ) and ONLY if i can't find something will i go to stores... in real life...  i'm a shut in loner... D,:

  and here's a chibi picture i drew but never posted.. i think my digital paint skills are improving

Goodnight ~~

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