Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shopping list.

Since I don't have my camera,  I feel unmotivated to post anything...But problem solved! I'm getting a new camera!  Finally I'm getting a DSLR *_____*  Im getting a Sony Alpha SLT a58k . Why not nikon or canon? .. because they are overrated and I've done my research....  I have a preference for Sony ^__^
Here's the comparison : {link}
So good for the price ... *____*  But I have to wait a bit before I buy it. mid may... Also the movie mode HD is SO good. like auto-focus is amazing!

Okay besides that.. I got wigs! one from my friend:

it's short and cute ^^
and one I got from eBay: 
So excited to try with new camera.

last thing is I recived eyelashes from SuchaTeaseBeauty.com  to try out!  she sent me so much!
 Thats all for now ^___^

Do you have any tips for taking good pictures by yourself?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

question poll !

what would you like to see me do more of?
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comment if you have something in mind. School is almost over .. YAY! and i'll be able to post more things..

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to order On taobao. Super easy Way ( TaobaoSpree version)

Taobao is an awesome site that's much like eBay but it has way more things to buy, cheaper, and better things. You can get everything you want, from gyaru wigs & clothing, decoden supplies, nail supplies, ..etc. just anything you want .. very cute things if you shop correctly. But the bad thing is that it's in Chinese ( correct me if i'm wrong)

In order to order stuff off it, you have to through a shopping service. and today .. it's be  TaobaoSpree . I think this is the easiest one to do.

 Oh remember  10USD is 61.79YUAN  ... just use a current converter for this.

Step One:

Look for your Item:

Red circle : price in yuan 
blue circle: your size
green circle: color
purple circle: quantity
Step Two:

Email This is a order form to Susan at   susan@taobaospree.com
 with this format:

The tile/subject of the Email must be:  

Full Name+ Country+ Date + Item quantity

Example :  Usagi Oshiro, USA, order 0423, 5 items

in the body of the email it will be:

  Email address:
1. Full name:
2. Address:(DHL UPS not accept P.O.Box address)
3. Country :
4. postal code:
5. phone no. :
6. Shipment :EMS/DHL/UPS/TNT/Fedex/airmail/SAL(Optional)
7. type of payment: Paypal/Western Union/T/T (Optional)
8. If paypal payment: Is Your shipping address  the same as your paypal delivery address? 

Example :

 Email address: hellousagichen@gmail.com
1. Full name: Usagi Oshiro
2. Address:   2548 w 66th st  NeoCrystalToyko
3. Country : Japan
4. postal code: 5455454
5. phone no. : 545489545454
6. Shipment :EMS ( cheapest one)
7. type of payment: Paypal/
8. If paypal payment:  hellousagichen@gmail.com

 this is obvious a fake address...  XD but points to you if you get the reference i made :)

Step Three:  

actually putting your order in.   ( put this in the email )

    Item URL:
                   Item Name: if you know the name,if not leave blank
                   Seller: if you know the name,if not leave blank



  Item URL:   http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.30.Rm8Hbo&id=18019970432
                   Quantity: 1
                   Item Name:Cat Dress
                   Seller: if you know the name,if not leave blank
                   Price: 486 yuan
                   Color:  white
                   Size: small  ( state the size if it's listed )

                   Request:  if there is no small buy a medium 

Do this for each item you get.

Step Four: 

Email all of this to Susan  susan@taobaospree.com 

Candy ( different person ) then will reply with an email saying  how much the total will be in USD and an estimated shipping .  the shipping will depend on how much it weights overall.  ( it can get expensive but it can be over looked since you'll be getting it fast but .. not toooo expensive though.

after that  if you are okay with the price. you send your FIRST payment to  Pay@taobaospree.com via paypal

 make sure to send her an email saying you payed the FIRST payment.

Once the items have been sent to  their warehouse. She will send an email with the shipping fee . Pay that.  She'll then send you pictures of all your items. it's letting you know that they DO have the items and not scamming you.  

Once all payments are made, Wait patiently for your items and email with the tracking number ^__^ .  They reply REALLY fast  so it looks like a long process but it's really not. 

I hope this helps! have fun shopping~ 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bad Luck

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh, It's been a pretty bad week and to top it off, my house got broken in to ;____; .  wtffffffffffffffff. They broke the small glass window on the door. and probably unlocked it by reaching in.  YEAH they took my father's safe box ( which had nothing in it), broke my mom's jade bracelets  and stole my freaking camera. and 20$ that was on my table.  what the heck....  it was strange because they didn't take my laptop or wallet. WHICH WAS RIGHT NEXT TO MY CAMERA.   it's really strange :/  i guess i'm lucky in that part.

 To think about it, I've Always had bad luck with my camera. The first camera was a gift from my parents, a year later.... Someone stole that at work. after that one  I myself bought a new one. which was a really bad quality camera.   Since I wanted to start blogging and take nice pictures, I bought the camera a have/had now. Which was really nice and I was proud that I bought it myself. exactly one year later.. it got stolen :/   UGH. people make me sick.  ;______;  So ... no more nice clear pictures until I get a new one.   And i was just about to do a makeup pictorial.  nvsidvniwdnv.  please enjoy the pictures from my iphone until  further notice XD

 well hellooo there~
and this is my taobao order~

that is all.  I hope you have a wonderful week :D 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sayoko Ozaki and Sailor Moon inspired makeup & nails

Sayoko has to be one of my favorite gyarus EVER.  Her face structure, hair, eyes... everything is flawless on her *___*  So.... I tried to do a makeup look inspired by her.  First off I dyed my hair.. my roots were getting nasty. and a much lighter shade. I had to get two boxes... my hair is getting long :D YAY it looked red.. ginger colored when i got out of the shower... D:  i was scared but it turned blonde after i dyed it.

i really like the onee gyaru style! so pretty but mature looking ♥___♥

i was wearing my prom dress from two years ago XD.. and don't mind my dirty mirror..

my sailor moon nails! excuse my really bad cuticles . I've been working hard plus winter makes my skin really bad.


that is all! next post will be taobao shopping services and my haul ~♥ 

Good Night & Sweet Dreams

Gyaru taobao shop!

 Here's a list of gyaru Taobao shops:

 clothing much like Liz Lisa but at a more afforable price.. range from $10-40. They have REALLY cute things. that i plan to get soon!

More of the onee-gyaru style ( which i really like)

Again much like Liz Lisa but mmuuch cheaper

Brighter clothing... really cute stuff even though i like pastel or dark stuff better..

Mode/ onee-gyaru clothing

thats all for now.  speaking of shopping... I made a taobao order!  I got it a week ago. i'll post the stuff in my next post :)


Monday, April 8, 2013

Toric Lenses

I got prescription contact lenses. no they are not circle lenses.. just regular clear ones. ( sadly) But i will be getting some Toric lenses since I have astigmatism ;___; . It really sucks because I cant regular circle lenses with prescription Plus toric lenses are 69$. But I need, want, them since I look really weird with out the enlarging effect ( check image below)

 and one thing i don't like about toric is that they don't have many styles. I usually wear Geo Extra Angel Brown and it's 14.5mm dia. But the one im getting is only 14mm. I don't know.. My first circle lenses were a 14mm and not much of the different in size.. so i guess I'll be okay.  But for pictures I'll just wear my non-prescription lenses.
this is the one i'm getting.. Very similar to the Geo ones.

Moving on- I'm dying my hair YAY!  soon and this time i hope it gets lighter.. ALOT lighter :D

Something like this? maybe a tad darker. I'm excited, but Dylan isn't very trilled with it. since he's not fond of blondes . :P ohh well MWAHAH deal with it.

lastly I was in a Sailor moon mood yesterday. I drew sailor saturn~  the solider of death and rebirth ^^. I also did my Nails a sailor moon theme. I'll post it next time :D


Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm just human

I'm sorry guys but I'm pretty much, sadder than ever and need to rant it out. And this is the only place I can do this. It's like my diary. So if you don't like these post.. please skips it.. it's just me..talking to myself.

So you know that my life is the the greatest. I have no one. No one at all. I'm always to blame for, i can never do anything right and I'm just another punching bag for everyone  to hit.  Ever since I was born, no one supported me. In my dreams, talents, or just believed in me. .. always told that i was worthless, nothing ... just nothing to them. I really did try to put their words aside but it was difficult since everyone was against me. All I wanted was support.. encouragement.. just something to tell me that my life is worth something.  Then people would ask me... why are you always so pissed? Why are you so emotional? .... why ?  

Because I gave up.

For the past months, It's been nothing but bad. All its been is tears after tears. I can't be happy. I've been told that i'm selfish, I do every wrong, I am never right. That I'm a


Guys, tell me. how would you feel if you are constantly told that? I get it, I make mistakes but so do you. I get angry but so do you. I have emotions, and so do you. What difference does it make if i show it  or not?  

I am just a human, I make mistakes, I have feelings,  

Don't judge me, you haven't been in my shoes.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hey girls~ sorry for not updating much. I've been busy and super stressed out. Mostly with school work. It just seems like it's piling up and up. O___O  I guess this is what happen when I take 17 credits. ughh essays after speeches after essay.  And sometimes I just like shove it aside because i literally have no time. It really sucks. I can't wait for summer to come. And I thought about taking summer classes but.. uhhmm nope... I need some Sagi time. Oh Instead of the name Usagi.. it'll just be Sagi for short.. meh everyone is "Usagi" :(   booooo.

Anyways.. Jennie from Suchateasebeauty.com contacted me to design her spring/summer packaging <3  and so I did.  Her shop sells eyelashes , jewelry at a VERY affordable price.  And she's adding clothing in the summer and maybe i'll be designing some for her :DDD. so here's the thing i came up with. She loves it :D

What do you think about my design?