Thursday, May 31, 2012

this month has been.. very good ( big post)

i don't get to go out much soooo.. for some reason, i went out a lot..
first .. i went to Prom... with my friends and boyfriend

                                                            chuy and i .. playing around in the park.

                         our prom group: Phone,Villavanh,Timmy, Brian ( on top), Chuy , Dylan and me :D
                                    the Corsage dylan got me

                                              Chuys and mines nails.. mine are the pink ones :3

Then it there was an Art show 

                                   my pastel nails with stars

  mural i painted . this took foreverrrr.... the background consists of a bunch of brush strokes varying in blueish tones.

                                              some of my 3d stuff... oh god! i hate clay D: you know how hard it is to work with long nails. also i don't like cleaning up... clay= huge messy mess D:

                          my altered book and clay severed hand holding a heart.. i used clear topcoat ( nail polish) to make the heart shiny .. and  make it look like " fresh blood"

                .. CLAY SUSHI ! .. lol my fav

                           my rina  drawing.. motherfreaker stole my middle drawing of her. more reasons why i hate my school.

.. hmmm mt fuji painting... has 3 layers... soo looks like popping out

me looking at... stuff.. my hair is getting long... 

the to the beach

THEN my nails. i cut them down. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ageha... :D :D i can not stress how much i love this magazine . its soo cute and glitter.. even though i can't read any of it.. looking is still pretty cool

 HOLY cow lady. Y U SO BEAUTIFUL?????!

i love this!

This is probably the only anime that i got scared watching .. .. it soooo good

 it took me 2 days to finish it..


Watch it here: Another

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

i made a blog

.... sooo i finally made a blog... this is going to take time to get use too  0____0