Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sherbert Nails.....

HMM.... not sure if i like it.. the idea was cuter in my head.. i kinda rushed a bit... so its messy. Also the white line smeared while i was applying topcoat. grr.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Purple Cheetah with gold stuff

I tried a color i had never done before... green was one... now its a plumy-ish purple from Orly . the gold is also from orly.. i messed up on the bow... it was my first time doing the bow thingy.. so it looks messed up...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vietnam + other

soooo last month i went to vietnam to visit my grandma..  She's 90 and my dad wanted to see her. We didn't go much but it was still lots of fun... and hot.. really hot. the hotel place was funny... they gave us condoms . XD  and some times.. i saw prostitutes going into the rooms... that made me not want to sleep on the beds...
... we did lots of shopping... lots.. too much to post .. over all it was good. i'll miss the foods they had soo very muchhh ...  and then just this Sunday i went wedding dress shopping with my sister ..
my nails ... its super simple. A week into the vacation i started peel the paint ... i was a bit bored. D:
Andd this in me in front of the hotel room .. patio area thingy 
The condoms and ..other stuff they gave just... i was tempted to take the condoms as a Dylan.. ahaha.. but i didnt
Dragonfruit! They sold them in HUGGEE piles..  10000D ( viet money) for 3kg .( about 6lbs). thats like... 50 cents.. D: 
in America one is like 9 freaking dollars D; 
Out of the 3 weeks that i stayed there... i only wore makeup twice... it was wayy too hot to wear any.. you'd just sweat it off. Also no contacts.. i was too lazy.. 

At home with the basket full of stuff...  (i'll post a new post about the full)
(magazines from the airport in japan) 
I bought rhinestones

crap full of rhinestones.... sooo awesome

and GLITTER! for nails stuff

i i probably bought over 50 bags of crystals.... 

after i put them in a box ... i still have like 20+ bags left 

and lastly my nails.....first time i painted it green... it was for dylan.. he likes green 

andd my sister .. she tried on ... 7 dresses and this one is my favourite 
.. its Vera Wang and its soooo princessy ... she doesn't like it though... she said it was too poofy.
i would get this dress if i was getting married.. D:  .. ( and Dylan if you're reading this... you better marry me.. some day :D )  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blue Haired Devil

After not drawing anything for a REALLY long time.... this is what i manage to produce...
hmmm also i think i'm going to start taking pictures of my stuff instead of scanning it... MER! 
my scanner likes to eat all the color away then it squish the pictures looks like crap D: 
yup.. that's all.