Sunday, June 30, 2013

♥ "everyday" Gyaru makeup Tutorial♥

Hey, Gals... it's been a while since I've blogged and I am truly sorry for the delay. I've been busy with school work and some emotional stuff  that's going on. So here's the makeup tutorial that I finally have the time to do :D   and this is my first makeup tutorial so please don't mind my vagueness ....  

I decided to do a tutorial on my usual gyaru makeup
This is what the look is at the end :D idk what happen to my nose contour... bad lighting ;__;

Okaayy,, let's get started 

so this is face... without makeup... no foundation whatsoever.... just circle lenses..   also I dyed my hair lighter!  :D  and my front hair on the sides are almost bleach blonde.
1. I used a light shimmery yellow pink on my whole lid. mostly on my inner eye to brighten my eye up
2. after that use a tan brown on my outer lid and bring it up to make a "cat eye" shadow
( i have small eyes so i like to elongate it)
3. adding to that corner.. i would apply a dark brown and blend it into the lighter brown. once that is blended, Add a small amount of black or dark brown in the way corner of the eyes to make the cat eye look. stroke upwards... ( press down and release)  if it looks too harsh apply a  off-white  too the the top lid and bottom of the lid.
( I dont know why this picture is so blurry)

4. The next thing i would do is tight-line my eyes ( i hate doing this part because it makes me cry) . You would do this because it makes your eyes rounder.  After that i would draw a cat eye. I would extend it a bit longer then a normal cat eye..  it's optional to do an another line on top of that line. I do this because when I put on  eyelashes it makes the eyelashes look thicker. Also I like to darken my inner corners so it makes my eyes have more depth to it. 
5. the last thing before I put on my eyelashes on is to put eyeshadow on my waterline.. but more on the outer part then making it lighter going into my inner eye.  huehue I'm so bad at describing things...

6. lastly put on eyelashes! i like to double up my lashes. I use a criss-cross style then another on top of that but i only used half of the lashes I put on top.. It elongates the eyes :D  With the bottom lashes I cute them into three pieces but only use one of then... I don't like to place the whole bottom lash on my eye. It irritates it.  SO using a waterproof liquid eye liner i draw dots or small lines making it look like lower lashes.

7. Lastly put more black or dark brown underneath the bottom lash... and you're done! 

i need to practice doing tutorials... right now...  i fail XD

That is all for now~