Wednesday, October 3, 2012

circle lens review : puffy three tone brown

AH! this is my first ever review! I wanted to do this for a while now but never got the chance. So here i go.
I got theses lenses from Uniqso a week ago and I can't believe how fast the shipping was! They were having a sale on Puffy 3 tone brown ( which i really wanted for a LONG time). It was so cheap as well! only $9.90. the sale ended but they're still very cheap. Around $15 . Along with this i also got the Geo Super Angel brown. ( which i'll do a review on later) :3

Lenses Details
Manufacturer: Barbie (Dueba)
Diameter: 16.5mm ( i don't think they're that big- maybe 14.8mm)
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.60
Replacement Period : One Year
Place of origin : Korea 
their packaging is soo cute 

                          I hate this when this happens >__< !   It broke .... had to use a knife to get it open

To me they look more hazel then brown. And it looks REALLY cool. i especially like the inner red-ish ring.
If you're looking for a Dolly or Natural look... this isn't the right lens.. its more of the exotic type. It's still very pretty and I recommend them 100%

Indoors With Flash

Outdoors without flash 

Indoors w/o Flash 
Design: 5/5
I really like design. how its not just one color... and the colors combo
Color: 4/5
I do like Hazel lenses but in certain lights it looks greenish. not that brown
Enlargement: 5/5
Compared to 14.5mm , it's a big difference. but i don't think it's 16.5mm ( like the bottle said)
Comfort: 4/5
For the size, it's very comfortable. At first they itch a bit.. but after that i couldn't even feel them at all. I wore them for 6 hours... ( which is a long .time. not good not good) but still they were good not dry or anything.

Put in the code "UUSAGII10" to get 10% off :)
MORE PICTURES with lenses 

and lastly! my nails for the week. seriously though.. I have no imagination left

Good Night everybody !


  1. Hiii ^^ Lovely review, you look so beautiful ^^

    I have these lenses too but they suit you much more ^^

    Keep up the great posts.

    Love from your new follower,


  2. Also I love your nails, so pretty ^^

  3. Oh my god. Your look so great!
    You are photogenic!
    Which Camera do you use?

  4. Love your make up! Those contacts really go with the red lipstick :3