Monday, October 22, 2012

Fears. and some other stuff..

Everyone has fears and worries. Some have more then others and some are paranoid about everything. So these are my fears....( not in order)

1. Failing
this means in tests (i know), emotions, and life.. i don't know if it's an asian thing but whenever i think about my future and "failing" i tear up. Its probably because i don't want to show the weakness...which is a sign of failure.

2. People dying.
People that are close to me. like my parents... or boyfriend... :/  I want to die before they do ... so I don't have to live without them... D,: im weak.... ahrgvreg

3. Breaking up
I do believe that Dylan and I are souullmates .. XD lol but just the thought of not having him... doesn't feel right.... WHO WOULD WANT TO LOVE ME ANYWAYS?!.  He's just right for me. OH!  Four more days till our 16 months! :D

4. Pregnancy
I am extremely EXTREMELY paranoid on this one. i think that EVERYTHING causes babies... kissing.. hugging...D: touching dylan's face...or hands .... as of right now... i don't need no babies. When I'm married and settled down... ok.. just not now... i'm young, i haven't done anything with my life yet.. mer...

Yeah.. that's what im afraid of.. mainly.. as of now...

On the other side.... I cut my own hair... I have shortish bangs now that makes me look.... 10x asianier
and i got to see Dylan! after four weeks without him. He likes stocking.....

Im also thinking about cosplaying Kagura from Speed Graphers.
                                  I can't wait to watch the anime.. it looks really good!
more info here : Speed_Grapher


  1. It's true death is one of my fears too, thinking back it was one to stop me from taking my path in becoming a doctor ...

    In the end I do think everyone fears death to a certain point...


    ps- I saw the cosplay and was wondering... are you going to London MCM Expo that just started today?

  2. awww ... see im being a nurse to prevent as much deaths as possible... thats how i see it.. same with doctors.. you'd be saving people's lives. :)

    and no im not going to MCM expo.... :,( i don't even live close to london... i would go if i could