Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Fall! + Mint nails

I've been posting a lot! i should probably do my homework instead..aha... probably should....mmeh. i don't wanna.  So it's fall... time for colorful leaves, chilly nights or days, hoodies.. and MID-SEMESTER EXAMS. Thank god i'm a freshman and don't have any.. but still i feel pressuredddd...

Things to do :
1. Research paper for Psychology. due oct 29
2. Interview essay for Psychology due oct 29
3. Some essay for Communications due... idk lol probably 26
4. "what you don't know" painting for Art ...due at end of semester
5. "takes a village" and "community" sketch for art .. due at end of semester

Sometimes i just wanna say " F this ! I wanna stay home" but noo... school needs me. Speaking of tests... the boyfriend took his ASVAB test ( military test thingy) and got a 83.. YAY!  he's joining the Air Force. :) my favorite branch..... I"M GUNNA MISS HIM.  when he leaves .. i'll probably blog about it A LOT.. so you all know what's coming. :)

...it's picture time.

look at the leavessss.... in my backyard.. not from our tree. but from the grumpy old man next door. it looks pretty but cleaning it is not. 

yea. MINT AND PINK. sorry for my dry skin.   as you can see my middle finger is the head and my pinky is the butt. 


also ma bff Sandy came over.. we went on omegle... thats why we look kinda.. sweatish 
lol .. if you don't know what omegle is... i dare you to go on it... ( don't yell at me afterwards though) D:

..and i had to share this :


thats all.. GoodNight~