Friday, September 28, 2012

Pastel Goth

My recent obsession has to be with the "pastel goth" look. It's probably because of all the pastel colors mixed with the gothy crosses and spikes. So ... i dyed my blonde wig.... with watercolor tube paints... which worked very well... but my hands got stained.... and it looked like i was bleeding ..  OH! it was my bf and mine's 15th monthtwo days ago ;3

as you can see... my hands are pink stained

  And my nails ! it turned out good. the middle finger is my favorite


did this today at work 
STRIPES ! Y U SO HARD TO DRAW?!. yeah i hand painted these because i have no tape...

Next post- I'm doing a tutorial or review.. i don't know yet ! im excited though.. maybe i'll post a video... :D

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