Saturday, October 13, 2012

Buy everything! ( long post)

if i could i would D: but sadly college has made me broke... :,(  and saving is not helping because  in the end it will go towards.. college ugggggggggggggggggghhh . but i want to buy stuff. I also need to stop buying stuff online at 2 in the morning XD .. speaking of buying i bought a lot this month.... contacts, eyelashes,, art crap.. someone throw money at me... i'll do stuff for you! ( nonsexual please) D: aha ..

usually i don't like bright colors... but these ...are too cute.. maybe in pink orrr... BOTH. they're cheap
but now .. i can't find the link for these shoes D,:

yes kitty stocking. <3 

.. animal mousepad!.. i don't even use my mouse anymore...its just for show now... (i use my tablet)
but its so cute!! bunny or bear ..?

hearts i need heart prints 

recently my new favorite combo is mint green and pastel pink. so cute even my nails are these colors( i will post them soon) 

this is so gal-ish <3 and its minty green 

yea... i  like dresses

for now..thats all before.. I have the urge to actually buy them all :3

goodnight ~♥


  1. You're so adorable!
    I love your blog, it's so cute~!

  2. oooh I love the heeled shoes! I'm very into brogues and cute heels at the moment... you have made me want to buy them *_*


  3. The yellow shoes can be found on Taobao! ^^