Monday, October 15, 2012

Favorite (metal) songs of the Month

I know most of you gals or guys ( probably all girls) who look at my blog ..don't like Metal .. yes metal. But i for one LOVE metal. It makes me so happy! ( even though most of the lyrics are about death or something depressing)...I don't know if this is weird or not but when i can't go to sleep... i listen to heavy heavy metal ( Cannibal Corpse, Slayer..etc).. and When I'm sad i like soft metal ( Marilyn Manson or H.I.M ) AND heavy metal.. hehe. but I like metal in all occasion ... I would even play it at my wedding... and YES.. definitely  my funeral. 

                                                           Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie.. ..  I just love everything about this band. and this song with the animation is beautiful! 
also... Rob Zombie ( yes that's his name..and yes he got it legally changed)is a Movie Director. and a very good ones at that.. Movies like House of the 1000 Corpses ..etc.  And he just made a movie called " Lords of Salem" and it's about the Salem witch trials... and i really want to see. probably with the boyfriend.. since he's a die hard RZ fan. ( lucky duck got to see him live in Kansas over a year ago) 

L.o.S trailer
Also i want to name my future babyboy... Salem and since bf's last name is Moon... it'll be Salem Moon :3 

Forever One by Korba and The Lotus

They're a pretty new band from Canada with a FEMALE vocalist. Her voice is so strong, i love it! this song makes me hyper >__< ... i wish i could head bang like these guys.. but unfortunately... i get headaches... really fast . so no to head banging... Also one of my favorite guitarist is their new member .. CHARLIEEEEEE! 

Heart Shaped Glasses By Marilyn Manson

It's an old song but still. i like much. it's soothing.....:)

Kingdom For a Heart - Sonata Arctica
Foreign Bands are sooooo gooood! This sounds like game music

and lastly 

S(aint) - Marilyn Manson


"I'm not an artist, I'm a fucking piece of art"

i'm a cat.. lol

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