Monday, April 8, 2013

Toric Lenses

I got prescription contact lenses. no they are not circle lenses.. just regular clear ones. ( sadly) But i will be getting some Toric lenses since I have astigmatism ;___; . It really sucks because I cant regular circle lenses with prescription Plus toric lenses are 69$. But I need, want, them since I look really weird with out the enlarging effect ( check image below)

 and one thing i don't like about toric is that they don't have many styles. I usually wear Geo Extra Angel Brown and it's 14.5mm dia. But the one im getting is only 14mm. I don't know.. My first circle lenses were a 14mm and not much of the different in size.. so i guess I'll be okay.  But for pictures I'll just wear my non-prescription lenses.
this is the one i'm getting.. Very similar to the Geo ones.

Moving on- I'm dying my hair YAY!  soon and this time i hope it gets lighter.. ALOT lighter :D

Something like this? maybe a tad darker. I'm excited, but Dylan isn't very trilled with it. since he's not fond of blondes . :P ohh well MWAHAH deal with it.

lastly I was in a Sailor moon mood yesterday. I drew sailor saturn~  the solider of death and rebirth ^^. I also did my Nails a sailor moon theme. I'll post it next time :D


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