Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to order On taobao. Super easy Way ( TaobaoSpree version)

Taobao is an awesome site that's much like eBay but it has way more things to buy, cheaper, and better things. You can get everything you want, from gyaru wigs & clothing, decoden supplies, nail supplies, ..etc. just anything you want .. very cute things if you shop correctly. But the bad thing is that it's in Chinese ( correct me if i'm wrong)

In order to order stuff off it, you have to through a shopping service. and today .. it's be  TaobaoSpree . I think this is the easiest one to do.

 Oh remember  10USD is 61.79YUAN  ... just use a current converter for this.

Step One:

Look for your Item:

Red circle : price in yuan 
blue circle: your size
green circle: color
purple circle: quantity
Step Two:

Email This is a order form to Susan at   susan@taobaospree.com
 with this format:

The tile/subject of the Email must be:  

Full Name+ Country+ Date + Item quantity

Example :  Usagi Oshiro, USA, order 0423, 5 items

in the body of the email it will be:

  Email address:
1. Full name:
2. Address:(DHL UPS not accept P.O.Box address)
3. Country :
4. postal code:
5. phone no. :
6. Shipment :EMS/DHL/UPS/TNT/Fedex/airmail/SAL(Optional)
7. type of payment: Paypal/Western Union/T/T (Optional)
8. If paypal payment: Is Your shipping address  the same as your paypal delivery address? 

Example :

 Email address: hellousagichen@gmail.com
1. Full name: Usagi Oshiro
2. Address:   2548 w 66th st  NeoCrystalToyko
3. Country : Japan
4. postal code: 5455454
5. phone no. : 545489545454
6. Shipment :EMS ( cheapest one)
7. type of payment: Paypal/
8. If paypal payment:  hellousagichen@gmail.com

 this is obvious a fake address...  XD but points to you if you get the reference i made :)

Step Three:  

actually putting your order in.   ( put this in the email )

    Item URL:
                   Item Name: if you know the name,if not leave blank
                   Seller: if you know the name,if not leave blank



  Item URL:   http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.14.30.Rm8Hbo&id=18019970432
                   Quantity: 1
                   Item Name:Cat Dress
                   Seller: if you know the name,if not leave blank
                   Price: 486 yuan
                   Color:  white
                   Size: small  ( state the size if it's listed )

                   Request:  if there is no small buy a medium 

Do this for each item you get.

Step Four: 

Email all of this to Susan  susan@taobaospree.com 

Candy ( different person ) then will reply with an email saying  how much the total will be in USD and an estimated shipping .  the shipping will depend on how much it weights overall.  ( it can get expensive but it can be over looked since you'll be getting it fast but .. not toooo expensive though.

after that  if you are okay with the price. you send your FIRST payment to  Pay@taobaospree.com via paypal

 make sure to send her an email saying you payed the FIRST payment.

Once the items have been sent to  their warehouse. She will send an email with the shipping fee . Pay that.  She'll then send you pictures of all your items. it's letting you know that they DO have the items and not scamming you.  

Once all payments are made, Wait patiently for your items and email with the tracking number ^__^ .  They reply REALLY fast  so it looks like a long process but it's really not. 

I hope this helps! have fun shopping~ 


  1. Usagi-chan ^^ I'm stalking you from your Instagram haha and followed you as well :3 thank you for this tutorial cause I've been looking for decent taobao agents that use Paypal as payment method and I guess I will try this out finally :D


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