Monday, April 15, 2013

Sayoko Ozaki and Sailor Moon inspired makeup & nails

Sayoko has to be one of my favorite gyarus EVER.  Her face structure, hair, eyes... everything is flawless on her *___*  So.... I tried to do a makeup look inspired by her.  First off I dyed my hair.. my roots were getting nasty. and a much lighter shade. I had to get two boxes... my hair is getting long :D YAY it looked red.. ginger colored when i got out of the shower... D:  i was scared but it turned blonde after i dyed it.

i really like the onee gyaru style! so pretty but mature looking ♥___♥

i was wearing my prom dress from two years ago XD.. and don't mind my dirty mirror..

my sailor moon nails! excuse my really bad cuticles . I've been working hard plus winter makes my skin really bad.


that is all! next post will be taobao shopping services and my haul ~♥ 

Good Night & Sweet Dreams


  1. Wow, you are so beautiful. I like your new haircolor and and you make up is very nice, too.

  2. You're so pretty and I love that usagi nail

  3. Adorable gifs! :)
    Loving your blog, looking forward to more <333

  4. LOVELYYYY the look suits you so well!! You look like a princess *__*

    Loving the sailor moon nails ^^ I'm a big fan!!

    恵美より ♥

  5. I love your make-up! You look lovely in these pics :3 Also love the nails :D