Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm just human

I'm sorry guys but I'm pretty much, sadder than ever and need to rant it out. And this is the only place I can do this. It's like my diary. So if you don't like these post.. please skips it.. it's just me..talking to myself.

So you know that my life is the the greatest. I have no one. No one at all. I'm always to blame for, i can never do anything right and I'm just another punching bag for everyone  to hit.  Ever since I was born, no one supported me. In my dreams, talents, or just believed in me. .. always told that i was worthless, nothing ... just nothing to them. I really did try to put their words aside but it was difficult since everyone was against me. All I wanted was support.. encouragement.. just something to tell me that my life is worth something.  Then people would ask me... why are you always so pissed? Why are you so emotional? .... why ?  

Because I gave up.

For the past months, It's been nothing but bad. All its been is tears after tears. I can't be happy. I've been told that i'm selfish, I do every wrong, I am never right. That I'm a


Guys, tell me. how would you feel if you are constantly told that? I get it, I make mistakes but so do you. I get angry but so do you. I have emotions, and so do you. What difference does it make if i show it  or not?  

I am just a human, I make mistakes, I have feelings,  

Don't judge me, you haven't been in my shoes.

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