Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shopping list.

Since I don't have my camera,  I feel unmotivated to post anything...But problem solved! I'm getting a new camera!  Finally I'm getting a DSLR *_____*  Im getting a Sony Alpha SLT a58k . Why not nikon or canon? .. because they are overrated and I've done my research....  I have a preference for Sony ^__^
Here's the comparison : {link}
So good for the price ... *____*  But I have to wait a bit before I buy it. mid may... Also the movie mode HD is SO good. like auto-focus is amazing!

Okay besides that.. I got wigs! one from my friend:

it's short and cute ^^
and one I got from eBay: 
So excited to try with new camera.

last thing is I recived eyelashes from SuchaTeaseBeauty.com  to try out!  she sent me so much!
 Thats all for now ^___^

Do you have any tips for taking good pictures by yourself?


  1. You looks so cute with the short wig. ^^

  2. lol canon and nikon are definitely overrated, I agree. That's why I got my sony a57 and I am in love with it! I'm sure you'll love your new baby as well :D