Monday, November 26, 2012

Too far?

Yesterday i found a site called Gyaru Secrets . It's is a site that is suppose to "critique" other gyarus on their looks and to help them improve. Oh it sounds so nice and i thought it was a cool idea. But then i started browsing through and it just got plain mean. It wasn't even helpful. I thought gyarus were suppose to be nice and have manners.. ( even if they're suppose to be "wild" ) but nope... these girls ..mostly Gaijin Gyraus ( non japanese gyarus) are just bitches to another.... sorry.. i tried to find a friendlier word to describe them but i couldn't .. =_____= 

sure there are pretty bad looking gyarus out there but there is no need to be so cruel to them. I've have heard that girls have closed their blogs because of what the other gals say about them..

here some pictures from the site:

and these are not even the worst. there's one that call girls fat, stupid, sluts, whores..etc

Why does it seem that girls cause so much drama. ( when not needed) Why can't you just live your life without these drama. This is why i only have ONE girl friend. The girls that submit these stuff should be ashame of themselves for hurting so many people. and if they really think that they are helping.....then there is something not clicking in their heads. =____=''  grr... girls .. so much drama...and its so much worse on the internet.  
 drammmaaa lllama

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  1. Well all I can say is, if something is not constructive criticism, and has nothing to do with your post but rather a personal attack on the person's color, race, creed, sexuality, disability etc then I will suggest it is a troll..

    I would also ask that a link to such sites is not a good idea (just my humble opinion). Very interesting post though.