Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How fake are you ? [tag]

Lets try this

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery?
- no , I haven't. and probably never will. I have way more cooler things i can spend my money on. Like clothing...

Do you use fake lashes?
- If I didn't wear my glasses, i would wear them. but i wear glasses, so no. they get in the way. since i like big lashes.

Do you wear a weave or extensions?
- Nope i don't. but wearing wigs is fun.

Do you use make-up every day?
- No, Im too lazy and don't have time in the morning. I only wear makeup if I'm out or taking pictures .. Ehh Also ..I feel "dirty and heavy" sometimes after the day is done. All the stuff i put on.

Would you consider cosmetic surgery?
- Yes, my nose and boobs. I hate my nose bridge so much. It has a bump on it and it annoys me so much >__< . And yes, my boobs.. Im an A-cup (not even) and it's hard to wear clothing.. because i can't fill it. :(  i don't even want big boobs... like a B cup is good for me .. But no I'll never do surgery. Im really paranoid that i'll get sick from it or die and feel all around fake.

Could you live without make-up?
- ehhhhh... probably but i wouldn't feel as good about myself.  So yes i could live without it. 

Do you wear fake nails?
- yea, i do. but they're not "fake" . 90% of my nails are real. but i put a very thin layer of acrylic on them so they don't bend. >___< i hate that feeling of bent nails ...

Do you dye your hair?
- yes, Very 2 months. I like light colored hair. I'm thinking of dying it lighter.

Do you use a sunbed?

Do you use selftanners?
- NO NO pale is good.

Do you have tattoos?
-nope. that's ok. i like my body ... clean. i don't like marks because im scared i'll not like it someday.. BUT tattoos are really pretty if done right.

overall... i don't think i'm fake... im "normal" in the middle. like most people.... :3

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