Sunday, November 25, 2012

dying hair. (again) / promises to my hair

One day, while i was looking at gyaru magazines, i decided to dye my hair a bit lighter. Since winter is coming up my hair looks really.... ehhh emmm gross. Especially since my roots are growing out :O ... i can't stand how it looks when it grows out. So i went out and bought ... a hair dye called " extra bleach blonde" and holy crap.... IT WORKED. i only left the dye in my hair for only 5 min.... and i could already see it being lighter.... and leaving it in any longer would make my hair actually bleach blonde...

this is what i used.... very good... very.. it didn't damaged my hair.... ( probably because i only left on for 5mins) and it made my hair better... O__O 

before dying.... 
my dirty hair.... dirty dirty hair. and sorry for the purple thingy. my face looked derpish 

much better.. lighter.. cleaned and no flat hair... yay... and i still can't believe how much lighter it got from 5 mins. 
with a different lights.... its much lighter... 

Promises to my hair

my hair has gone through a lot of stuff... from natural black... to red.. brown.. half blonde to now... light brown. .. Japanese permanent hair straightening... to a bunch of oil treatments... so i've decided... to "make promises " to my hair so it can get better..

1. I will not dye you anymore.. and only will dye again when you are better
2. I will not cut lots of layers in you. and let you grow to be one layer again. and only have lots of layers when you are healthy
3. i will trim your ends every so often
4. I will brush you every morning and night 

that is all for now... get better hair <3

oh also i made a tumblr