Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Geo Super Angel brown Review

Hey guys! I've been meaning to post this, but i got lazy. like always. But these are my favorite lenses to wear. They're "natural" looking, enlarge your eyes a lot and you can wear with all kinds of makeup. When I go out  , these are the pair I always wear. I don't really like going out with colored lenses... It's too daring for me :P.

And once again, I bought these from Uniqso. They are so friendly and replied asap.Like Super fast. Also the deliver was smooth going and had no problems..  like one time another site got my order wrong =___= and had replied to email so slow. now on to the lenses.

Geo Super Angel Brown
Brand: Geo Medical
Diameter: 14.80mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.60
Replacement Period: One Year
Orgin: Korea

i wish i knew my prescription .. so i can wear these without glasses

one thing i like about this is the ring around it. Makes for a good dolly look.
Also i had these in a smaller size. 14.2 or 14.0mm  I don't know but it was a long time ago. and the smaller on seemed to be brighter.. 

It's almost black indoors and with some photos:

I kinda suck at makeup.... but i'm practicing!! and it doesn't help when your eyes are so hard to put makeup on :,( mono lids suck. 

Design: 5/5
Anything with black ring around it is a plus. gives you that dolly feeling
Color: 3.5/5
it looks black sometimes and not as bright as i wanted it too be
Enlargement: 5/5
For me, its the right size. it is noticeably bigger the the geo angel brown just slightly
Comfort: 4/5
Like any other contacts, you have to wear with cautious . so if you wear it for .. 4 hours. it'll be fine but it dries out after a while

And If you enter the code "UUSAGII10" 
you get 10% off your purchase:

Here are some pictures with it on:

(click picture for picture size)

and i got a raccoon sweater! its so comfy and cute. only 15$

and my nails. i went plain this time. The color is DS extravagant by OPI

thats all :3 GoodNight~~

speaking of uniqso , im thinking about getting the hello kitty bb cream <3


  1. Oh interesting.
    Your lenses looks great and realy natural. I want to buy Cirlelenses too. From the page "pinkyparadise". Geolenses "mimi Bambiseries"
    I hope it will look natural too because i don´t like that everyone speaks to me out.

    1. i want to get those but my friend says it dries out your eyes fast.. and half way natural... not too natural though

    2. Oh. I heard that GEO-lenses are the best one. Is this information wrong? Dose every lenses dries out your eyes? I don´t hope so because I realy, realy want to wear someone.

    3. they are good. but every contact will eventually dry out if you wear for too long. if you don't exceed the 4-5 hour limit .. you'll be fine. :P

  2. Ones you should try, geo super nudy green. Those look supercute and very very natural. Theyre so comfy ive worn them from 9 am till 11 pm, i forget i even have them on!.. I loved this review and after seeing these pics im getting these!! :)

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