Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cutest Tumblr ever.

I'm a sailor moon fan. ( if you can't tell)  and once dylan marries me ( hopefully )  and once that happens my name will change from Usagi Oshiro to Usagi Tsuki   :D or in English.... Rabbit moon... or Moon Rabbit...  THAT IS MY PLAN.  >:3   and yup... his last name is Moon.   MWAHAHAHAHAHA. I told him that i like him because of his last name... he told me she likes me because I'm asian .. D:  Oh sailor moons name is
Usagi Tsukino
anyways... i found a cute tumblr....
its sailor moon chibi stuff :3


and here's mine...  its has nothing right now... :(

that is all... very random post.

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