Tuesday, September 11, 2012

dying hair + natural circle lenses

I haven't dyed my hair since i was in Vietnam. So today I dyed it again. I probably shouldn't dye it anymore since my hair is do dried at the ends. Lesson be learned ... don't bleach your hair by yourself ...  but NEEDED to dye my hair.. the roots were growing out so much and it looks so gross ....XD
my scalp.. is really white O___o 

and this is the color i've been using for about 1.5 years now

All the instructions are in japanese >__< 

my scalp is probably getting really sensitive too... it was burning a bit when i was waiting for it ,,,,
is that suppose to happen ?! 

TaDA! the results..its a bit darker.. i failed.. this time

on to the circle lenses!  Eos Pure Max is probably the more natural looking circle lenses.. the ring around it is a dark brown.. not black so it blends in really good.. it still looks natural even though it's 14.5mm in diameter!

I got mine from LensVillage >here<

but i can't wait to get my two new lenses! 

Oh! here's something extra:


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