Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Square vs stiletto/almond nails

I am very honest with my customers and if almonds nails look weird on you.. I will tell you .. And pointed nails don't always look good on everyone . Please if you have stubby sausage fingers with no nailbed or really big hands .. Don't get pointed nails . They look awful on you! Square nails are more fitting.

And there are guidelines for having pointed nails .

1. Do not get them superrrr long . There's a thin line between looking cute and looking ghetto . And unless you're a Gyaru or in a nail show....Don't get them too long.

2. Don't get them super pointed. Just no. It's not functional. Round off the ends a bit .

3. Do no overload your nails with color or designs... Please girls or guys... One color is enough .. And as for designs keep it simple and clean . And if you do decide to put a bunch of colors .... Keep it to 3 colors max. (neons) and for pastels ... As many as you want . It's not obnoxious as neons ...

Also unless you're a gyaru or in a nail show .. Keep your nails simple .

. Also know that your nail techs are humans as well and they have something called feelings:)

Lastly my nails for the week and myself:

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