Friday, January 11, 2013


I've changed so much over the years. Not change like personality .just my face. My face slimmed out and looks more taken cared of. XD 

Lets Start in   
 2007-2008. haha. fun times.

2010- (10/11th grade)  This is when I started putting makeup on. Not very good. Also later on discovered Circle lenses.  also my red tipped hair was growing out.

late 2011- early 2012 (12th grade) - getting better.  dyed my hair lighter.

mid2012- * college time! *  lighter hair. learns more makeup/nail stuff. Also gets a camera that takes awesome pictures in May.

end of 2012 -improvement? yes. but lots more can be done.. also dyed hair lighter

2013..I hope I learn lots more. 

anddd currently right now... lol i look pissed/



  1. wow, u changed ur look a lot!
    interessting :D

  2. You got the LIEBSTER Blogger Award!!
    I nominated you to get more Reader and could maybe answer to the questions. (No problem if u don't have time for the entry ;))

    Wish you a great day,

  3. ooh thats a big look transformation! i usually like to look and my past pictures as well to see how much ive changed! the pink contacts look lovely on you! i wish i was able to pull of pink contacts but id look so scary :(

    followed you! xoxo

    1. thankyou! :D actually the pink contacts look pretty scary XD . because it doesnt have a black ring around it

      thankyou for following! ♥


  4. Wow a lot of change, i like the mid 2012 one best :3 Wish i was that good with makeup ^^