Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alice blue Nails

Hey gals! sorry for the boring posts lately. I've been lazy. BUT I promise you that I'll make the next posts interesting ^^ -that includes nail and makeup tutorials. and Art posts, like I said in my previous post. So tonight I'll be showing you my design process of my nails. The design is for a contest on instagram. Oh my username is @hellousagi . I wanted to practice my 3d stuff so I made bows, rabbits and hearts.
*****Note: this is not a tutorial, just a walk through*****

I start with freshly buffed and filed nails. Since my nails grow really fast I cut them down every time I change the color.
Next I paint two nails Nudy Pink and the rest pastel blue
Then I paint the two pink fingers with a blue tip
 Next is painting all the white stuff. I don't mind if it looks messy. the black will make it neat later
See.. the black makes it look nice and neat. the writing says "eat me drink me" it was a pain to write.
now the fun part! the 3d stuff :3
Lastly add the details. like the face of the bunny and rhinestone. Also topCoat to make it shiny 


 thats all :) goodnight~


  1. Wow! How do you grow your nails that long! My nails are about 3/4ths that length now and then they end up breaking. D=

    1. i put super thin layer of acrylic on!

  2. I love this nail design. If only I could do all that on right hand would look a mess using my left hand to paint it. RoRos World

  3. omg that is one of the cutest nail designs I have seen in a while, great job!

  4. wow It looks so cute! I love it :)

  5. love these nails!! your blog is so cute too!

  6. Those are simply beautiful!!