Sunday, August 5, 2012

New phone and case

like a month or two ago i dropped my phone... no cool... i was going to get it fixed but my dad.. said hey ! lets just get you a new phone for your graduation present ... .. so he got me an iphone ;D I LOVE YOU DAD.  .. i have it like for ... 2 weeks now.. and i already have... 6 cases.. D:   and i just bought a plain one today so i can decorate!!!!

the chain thingy dangles :D

the phone on the right is my old phone..
the cracked screen .. 

now for some art stuff:
this is my pastel animals... a llama and a giraffe

 and... this is my work in progress. digital painting... the first ive EVER done realistically .. i usually don't say this about y stuff but.... im proud ..:,)

lastly.. a new picture... of .. me :P


  1. mmmmmmmm liking that giraffe's bootay :DDD hehehehe

  2. That's a dangerous way to hold that camera. Considering its weight, you must have really strong fingers. O.O