Saturday, August 18, 2012


This is probably will be the only time I post about this stuff. But! I need to rant and stuff... So here I gooooo..

This that I hate:

1. When people ( especially girls) that are younger then me and they call me " Hun.. Sweetie.. Sweetheart .. Etc" NO JUST NO. it pisses me off ... The only time you can call me that is if you're like an old lady or my boyfriend -____

2. People that talk crap about me , when they know NOTHING about me. And ive done nothing to you? Keep your mouth shut and gtfo. It's my life , you mad that I'm better and you feel the need to do this? .

3. Girls that are hypocrites. Gurrrrlll don't call me names if it reflects yourself as well. Look at yourself first before you judge someone else. Speaking of girls like this....
She called me a slut... OH REALLY NOW... I'm not the one with photos of myself with my boobs hanging out and self declaring myself to be "sexy" . Lol

But overall I think people should stop prejudging each other . You gotta read the book first ! Before you judge. Jesus Christ! People need to learn this. Seriously.

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