Thursday, August 16, 2012

im going to college

After the years in the awful school. Im going to college! ( to an all girls school) ... today i went to Orientation , got my id, schedule  and stuff. Andd... we had to do a speech .. while they record me on video. -____-  two things i can't do... if you'd notice if you watch my videos... i studder ( is that how you spell it?)  and... lose my words..ayy... not good... anyways.. they gave us... 15mins to prepare... not even enough time. D: oh.. if you're my Major is Nursing and my minor is Arts.. yeah... i know whatcha thinking...  why isn't art my major.. BECAUSE. thats why. :,( my parents aren't very supportive in that. EVEN THOUGH ITS MY DREAM. to be an illustrator.. or graphic artist . oh well..  art minors.. do same stuff as majors.. just not as much...booo.

oh... i use dots ..a lot 

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