Monday, November 25, 2013

Small update

so, yesterday I was editing a review video to post a new post and some other stuff and... it turned out it only uploaded 14 seconds of it. -____-   so instead of posting that post today, I guess i'll do a small update of why I've been MIA.  and i'll post the real stuff later on today, ifff i figure how to save the video correctly.

First !   Dylan is graduating tomorrow from basic training :D  but sadly I can not make it. :(   and tomorrow is also our 2 year and 5 month anniversary. :3 .   I've been stalking him through out his training. he looks so different. ;____;   so not chubby no more. 

Second : I have been focusing on school.

third:  all my free time is dedicated to drawing and playing league

fourth : my life is boring and nothing to post about.

but here are some pictures :D

pink hair :D 

drawing stuff! 

nail stuff!  ( I hate work as of right now)

and I dyed my hair again. It's much much lighter than before.
okays that all for today~

P.S I have a cool league buddy,mike. stalker-chan



  1. You look so cute with pink hair! Also love your nails and your drawing.

  2. those nails are so perf! I can never get the straight you use a pen type tool or something? :O