Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pastel Nails and Neon Lips

Hey gals! it feels nice to be blogging again~  Im really behind in my post so I'm starting with somethings i did this weekend...

First.. I did my nails.. Gel nails this time because i'll be working a lot... Pastel Marble with rhinestones on my left hand and just plain glitter on my right hand..

Then i went out side and took pictures of my roses

                          Then the sun was too hot so i went inside and did makeup :D... i wore my black wig :3 

here's my eye Make ^____^

Then i drew stuff....

That is all~   Goodnight Gals :DDDD 


  1. Wow, your drawing looks pretty amazing. i like this a lot! I also like your make up, very much. ^^

  2. I love your drawings~ And your nails are gorgeous!!! O: I always wanted to try that nail shape but it looks too much for me >W<

  3. u looks so cool and happy! ur naildesign is very pretty, I like pastells so much <3

  4. Wow, your nails and are are absolutely beautiful! Not sure if I asked you before, but did you draw the art on your banner? It's super cute (I think it's cuter than the art on mine ahaha) xD

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