Monday, March 11, 2013

Thank you~

First off, thank you for supporting me through all of the things that have happen :,)  You guys are the best <3  and So I'll try my hardest to be happy. And make my blog worth while for you guys :)  It's been rough but I have to stay positive or else it will just bring me down more.  I know everyone has gone through something difficult in their lives and it's very nice to hear that you've made it and I HAVE to believe that I will too.  I don't know how long this will take but I have to believe that one day I can say that I am happy with the way i am, I cannot change for others, and that I am finally happy without worry. Someday I'll say that but for now, I will just have to  (wo) Man it up and deal with it  :P

ONWARD to something positive; I not that broke anymore ( but still very broke) just a little less.
And can someone please teach me how to buy from ? theres so many things that are so pretty, that I can't find anywhere X____X

This wig <3 it just needs a bow [LINK]

I have a thing for poofy dresses [LINK]
Ank Rouge cellphone dust plug , i also like charms.. and of course M for moon (future) last name  XD

Since I'm in college now... all i wear are hoodies and sweaters. so it never hurts to have one more :D
THIS IS TOO CUTE <3  i would get the middle one <33
..... you all know i love cats...  [LINK]

thats all for now >__<  i have to go do homework nowwww
Bye loves <3


  1. I use Pruany, but if it's your first time using Taobao, I recommend Taobao Spree! They're super responsive and they are well-priced.

  2. I'm so glad that you feel a little better now. ^___^

    Good luck with Taobao.. I'm also searching for a good way to order there. X__X

  3. Aww that middle backpack is super cute, hope you get it!